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The everyday purpose is a daily dosage of positive thoughts which will help us on a daily basis direct our mind and actions in a conscious way. Generally we live most of our life in an unconscious way, acting automatically. That means that many of our actions are in reality unconscious reactions without further reflexion or thought. Hence we limit the possibility of auto control; we live like a boat adrift without direction, without purpose, and thus we alter the results we obtain in out life.

If we do not act in a conscious, wise, positive and controlled way, we will create unsatisfactory and unwanted results. On the contrary when we do, the results are highly satisfactory, generating prosperity, peace and happiness.

The everyday purposes are a powerful tool to help us develop the ability to observe and take control of our daily actions and thoughts and in that way be the architects of our life and better designers of our future.

Purpose 2289 Thanks

Today I start the day by giving thanks with a positive attitude and ready to feel good with myself.

Purpose 2288 Joy

Today find authentic joy in the work you carry out and in the life style you have.

Purpose 2286 Value

Today fill up with the courage to move forward through new and unknown paths.

Purpose 2282 Peace

Today verify that in the moments when you are filled with peace and allow expressions of love and detachment your life changes.

Purpose 2278 Miracle

Today my way of living and thinking positively or negatively affects my surroundings and the world.

Purpose 2276 Release

Today I decide to create something new and to achieve it I have to definitely cut with old habits which limit me and cause me harm.

Purpose 2274 Inner Peace

When I am at peace anything can happen at any time because I am in harmony with the highest powers and I operate from a superior level of conscience.

Purpose 2269 Peace

Today life is very exciting when I live it in complete peace with the conviction that the only result for all my ventures is positive.

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