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The everyday purpose is a daily dosage of positive thoughts which will help us on a daily basis direct our mind and actions in a conscious way. Generally we live most of our life in an unconscious way, acting automatically. That means that many of our actions are in reality unconscious reactions without further reflexion or thought. Hence we limit the possibility of auto control; we live like a boat adrift without direction, without purpose, and thus we alter the results we obtain in out life.

If we do not act in a conscious, wise, positive and controlled way, we will create unsatisfactory and unwanted results. On the contrary when we do, the results are highly satisfactory, generating prosperity, peace and happiness.

The everyday purposes are a powerful tool to help us develop the ability to observe and take control of our daily actions and thoughts and in that way be the architects of our life and better designers of our future.

Purpose 2363 Tolerance

Today I learn to be tolerant and try to understand the feelings and emotions of others

Purpose 2360 To learn

Today there is always something wonderful to learn, opening the mind to the new is the secret to prosperity

Purpose 2359 Action

Today I act calmly and prudently, I learn to do whatever silently, discretly, without making noise or boasting.

Purpose 2358 Changes

Today changing the negative vibration and the disturbance of my thoughts can be done.

Purpose 2357 Thoughts

Today I exchange my thoughts infected by envy, anger, criticism or any other negativity, for peaceful thoughts

Purpose 2354 Impatient

Today I stop being Impatient and demanding, rushing and fighting to get things done as I want uselessly alter me and waste my energy

Purpose 2353 Conscience

Today I elevate my conscience and connect with the force of creation, discover that there’s nothing to fear

Purpose 2352 Peace

Today I flatly refuse to vibrate in fear and concern, that negative energy clouds the vision.

Purpose 2350 Service

Today when I am ready to offer my services entirely without reservations or fears, each one of my needs will be fully satisfied

Purpose 2349 Peace

Today peace is my priority, perhaps there are important lessons to learn and I can only see, accept and comprehend them being calmed.

Purpose 2348 Silence

Today I ask myself and think if I really am doing what I want and give it the importance it deserves.

Purpose 2347 Attitude

Today I take the right attitude, I open the doors of my mind and of my heart to give way to the affluence of positive

Purpose 2346 Love

Today I do everything for love, with the soul and the profound belief that I am doing the best and that the outcome will also be the best.

Purpose 2345 Enthusiasm

The secret for something to work resides in the enthusiasm we bestow on it with full certainty.

Purpose 2344 Love

Today love is everywhere but I have to feel in peace to fully acknowledge, appreciate and express it.

Purpose 2343 Love

Today my inner peace allows me to feel the love that is in the air, perceive its warmth, the joy it brings and the freedom that accompanies it.

Purpose 2342 Peace

Today an altered mind, full of guilt, envy, judgement and assumptions creates chaos and many limitations.

Purpose 2339 Connection

Today I connect with the infinite source of power and strength within, that’s how we human beings manage to do seemingly super natural things, when in reality we are only acting according to divine laws.

Purpose 2338 Presence

Today the presence of God’s will manifests itself in my life when I stop fighting against the situations I don’t like and take the attitude of life apprentice by not fighting and opening my mind to growing, learning and improving.Today the presence of God’s will manifests itself in my life

Purpose 2337 Trust

Today I wouldn't be where I am today, nor would I be doing what I am doing at this moment if it wouldn't fit within a perfect plan which corresponds with my evolutionary process.

Purpose 2336 To dance

Today I accept with humility that there's a divine plan which infers in my life, there's nothing casual or fortuitous.

Purpose 2335 Truth

Today all your needs are being satisfied in a great way, you are a being blessed by the divinity for knowing that great truth and being able to accept it as a reality for yourself.

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