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The everyday purpose is a daily dosage of positive thoughts which will help us on a daily basis direct our mind and actions in a conscious way. Generally we live most of our life in an unconscious way, acting automatically. That means that many of our actions are in reality unconscious reactions without further reflexion or thought. Hence we limit the possibility of auto control; we live like a boat adrift without direction, without purpose, and thus we alter the results we obtain in out life.

If we do not act in a conscious, wise, positive and controlled way, we will create unsatisfactory and unwanted results. On the contrary when we do, the results are highly satisfactory, generating prosperity, peace and happiness.

The everyday purposes are a powerful tool to help us develop the ability to observe and take control of our daily actions and thoughts and in that way be the architects of our life and better designers of our future.

Purpose 2223 Light

Today I let the genuine desire to always give the best of me to others.

Purpose 2220 Peace

Today I manifest an honest tendency to act spontaneously and peacefully.

Purpose 2218 Attitude

I maintain a positive attitude in the difficult situations life puts of my path.

Purpose 2217 To offer

Today I offer life to keep myself focused on maintaining a positive attitude in any circumstance that arises on the path.

Purpose 2216 Ask

Today I quit asking life to give me what I want and instead offer it a series of positive and joyful attitudes.

Purpose 2213 Attachments

Today I liberate myself from attachments and discordant thoughts which bring me to judge others.

Purpose 2209 Company

Today I offer my selfless and unconditional love to the persons who need it.

Purpose 2206 Hope

Today I offer hope, support and comprehension to those persons who are depressed or defeated.

Purpose 2203 To discriminate

Today I accept people without discriminating anyone for their tastes, manners, religious or political beliefs, social class or ethnic group.

Purpose 2202 Opinion

Today I avoid talking or giving opinions about things that I am not absolutely certain.

Purpose 2200 Patience

Today I fill myself with patience and act serenely towards those persons who tend to irritate me with their abusive and disrespectful behaviors.

Purpose 2196 Kindness

Today I decide to express kindness and offer a cordial and respectful treatment to all,  even if I don't agree with their ideas.

Purpose 2195 Knowing myself

Today I seek to know myself, learning to accept myself as I am without judging or overestimating myself.

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